Welcome to the ASN Therapist Program: A Revolutionary Way To Find The Right Therapist


 If you are suffering from any type of anxiety or facing a very hard time in your life, then you know how hard it is to cope and climb out of this nightmare. Here at Anxiety Social Net (ASN) we know what you are going through since we are a community of anxiety sufferers. We also understand how difficult it can be at times to find the right therapist - someone who can really understand your background, make you feel comfortable and actively work with you towards a healthy recovery. Therefore, we have decided to launch the ASN Therapist Program, which aims to tackle this challenge in a very innovative way.


Wait, what is ASN?



ASN is a social network for people struggling with anxiety disorder and other mental health issues. Our members can chat with each other, keep online diaries, ask questions in our Q&A section and more! You can learn more about us and join us here.


Interesting! What is the ASN Therapist Program?



The ASN Therapist Program is the first social therapist directory in the world. This is a place where therapists and patients will be in direct contact with each other in the same online social environment. They will be able to interact with each other by writing resourceful blogs, answering questions, adding comments, and posting status updates, among many other things. We aim to provide sufferers with a chance to get to know who the therapist is even before their very first encounter.


At the ASN, you will be able to find experts in the fields of anxiety, PSTD, depression, marriage counseling, addiction and recovery, family related issues and much more. A professional therapist can help you solve your problems, regain control of your life and finally be able to recover from your particular mental health issue.


New! Social Rating For Therapists



ASN therapists can be rated on our website by “ASN likes”. The patients, advocates and members will know who are trusted and popular professionals in the community based on these social ratings. Therapists participating in the ASN therapist program have very rich profiles where everyone will be able to learn a lot about what they do, their approaches and who they really are. They can get contacted very easily using the “contact me” button on their profiles.


New! The ASN Therapist Search



As we’ve mentioned, ASN is dedicated to helping anxiety sufferers be in touch with the right therapist for them. Therefore, along with the power of the networking system, we have created an effective and easy-to-use search tool that will help you filter among our therapists and find the one that meets all your personal criteria.


‘Mental Health Professional’ and ‘Alternative Therapist’ Categories



Some of us may be looking for mental health professionals in traditional fields of therapy. Some of may be looking for less traditional experts, such as therapists who follow more homeopathic or alternative techniques. We welcome both pathways to recovery and include a wide range of certified professionals in our therapist network. However, these two main categories are quite distinct from one another and we’ve created two separate categories to make your search and filtering easier and more accurate. 


Have More Questions?


Did we miss an important question? If you have any further questions, suggestions or comments relevant to the ASN Therapist Program, please send us an email now.