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Thursday, 21 February 2013 21:54

Overcoming Anxiety The Lester Way

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For those that aren't to familar with my background I thought I would take the chance to share with you a little story about myself. I do this in the hope that it will empower you and show you that no matter how bad your anxiety or fear is, there is a way out. In my early years both at school and through to university I was badly bullied. At the time it was a very unpleasant experience, and no doubt played a very big role in my social anxiety. I used to dread that people were always making fun of me, or was anxious about what their opinions were of me. Over time this anxiety grew stronger, and lead to me being depressed and frustrated with life. I did the good old counsellor thing and saw people who were supposed to offer help and suport. I often found that I left those sessions more distraught than when I entered. I desperately sought answers as to why I was always feeling depressed and anxious. For many years I couldn't find any answers. I remember that everytime I walked outside and particularly if I saw other teenager groups walking along, I felt scared that I somehow would be attacked or worse. Of course I now know that these thoughts were just my mind going out of control, and these beliefs were totally unfounded.

At 20 years old I decided that none of the counsellors really understood me or could help me. I was often brushed aside, and made to feel that I was the problem. It still to this day never ceases to amaze me how many therapists don't treat their clients with respect or understand what they are going through. I found most of  my therapists did pretty much nothing. So I decided I would find out and take charge of my life myself. So after many years of searching and reading all sorts of books on how the mind worked, learning about NLP, Hypnotherapy, I-Ging and many other eastern style teachings I found I was still not really getting where I wanted to be. I desperately wanted to know what my purpose on earth was. Why was I feeling anxious and how could I overcome it??

Well one day the answer came. I was on Micheal Neil's site supercoach and looking through one of his programmes in the link section of his site. I came across this technique called the release technique, orriginally taught by a guy called Lester Levenson. After getting Micheal's advice I bought the book  and read it. Suddenly everything fell into place. Several months later of really applying myself I found I finally overcame my anxiety and fears to such a point that I finally felt I was in charge of my life instead of my life being in charge of me. I never slumped into depression again, and over the coming years decided to rigoursly test out the prinicples in the book. It really worked.

However, I wanted to cut your learning time, and give you a link to a video and let Lester do the talking. If you really listen to this video with your heart and soul, this video will change your life forever and you will discover new things about yourself. Now don't get me wrong, information is useless without taking action and applying yourself, It will take a concerted effort, but if you take control then you too can be anxiety free, and finally enjoy a life of peace and finally be the master of your life. The question is, Are you ready to change? Will you apply yourself and do whatever it takes to get your goal? I really recommend just watching and listening to Lester and let your own intuition guide you. You are your own best teacher and guide. Thank you and enjoy the video, it's just under 10mins. I've watched this video a few times myself and everytime I watch it I learn something knew about myself.


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Shaan White

Hi There I run London's Leading Anxiety Clinic and have helped everyone from fortune 500 company CEO's overcome their pitching anxiety to boardroom anxiety. I also consult for London's Leading Hypnotherapy Practice City Hypnosis and worked extensively in the areas of anxiety and work stress. You may also see my work in "Your Elmbridge" Magazine of which i feature regularly and have been feautured on USA Radio shows as well. In short I enjoy connecting with anxious people and showing them that with a little self-belief and the right techniques you too can be anxiety free. I myself suffered dehabilitating anxiety in my younger years so know full well about what it feels like and the daily grind of living with a little understood condition. I'm very approachable so don't hestitate to send me a message and get in touch. You can learn more about me at and also Facebook "The Anxiety Expert" Thank you Shaan


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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!