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Monday, 14 January 2013 21:02

Emetophobia Part 2: Using Parts Therapy To Overcome The Fear Of Being Sick

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Welcome to part 2 of this unique blog series about tackling Emetophobia. One of the things that seems to be quite common with people suffering anxieties is they seem to have alot of mental turmoil about what is going on. It can seem you just don’t know what to do, do I do this, do I do that. So I guess it’s not surprising you can find yourself getting overwhelmed by it all. Being overwhelmed seems to stem from the fact that parts of you are pulling you in different directions. It’s like being on a crossroads, and part of you says turn left, and the other part says turn right.

So let’s look at something we can do to reduce this mental agitation we experience.

Before we do this process let’s just explain a little bit about how this works. The process is called Parts Therapy, and as the name suggests, it looks at the part of you that is holding onto your fear of being sick, and the other part of you that wants to be free from your fear of being sick. The part of you that holds onto your fear of being sick is known as the ‘Original Part’, and this part has a positive reason why it is holding onto the fear. The part of you that wants to be free from your fear of being sick is called the ‘Positive Part’.  Great now we have set the basics down, let’s get stuck in...

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths and just get yourself into a relaxed state of hypnosis. Quickest way to do that is focus on taking some really strong deep breaths in and out. This is yoga style breathing, and by breathing deeply in expanding your whole chest, and then exhaling bringing your stomach inwards is a very good style of breathing to get used to.

Step 2: Think about the problem you have, in this case your fear of being sick. Notice how there is some agitation around the issue, part of you wants to hold onto this thought or issue, and the other part wants to be free from this issue. Just acknowledge that now..

Step 3: Silently ask the ‘Original Part’ of your belief ‘What are you trying to do to help me?’ Just keep asking that question and notice if an answer gets stirred up. Don’t force it, or agitate yourself here, we are just exploring what this belief is doing to help us. Ask the belief ‘What are you trying to do to help me??’ Just notice any response you get. That’s it..

Step 4: When you think you have some kind of answer, ask the ‘Positive Part’ that part of the belief that wants to move forwards, 3 things it could do to help solve the concern that the ‘Original Part’ came up with.  Again, don’t get agitated by it, just have some fun and enjoy this journey of exploration.

Step 5: Check that the ‘Original Part’ is okay with the three things and that there is agreement there.

Step 6: When you are satisfied that the ‘Original Part’ is happy with the 3 new ways to solve the problem, then ask the ‘Original Part’ this question: ‘If you take on board these three new ways to solve this issue, will you leave me alone?’ See what comes up and just keep asking the same question until the ‘Original Part’ (That part that is holding onto the fear of being sick) is happy to leave you alone and let you move forward.

Well, that is the whole process. If you have any questions then please do get in contact with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful day wherever you are in the world.

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Shaan White

Hi There I run London's Leading Anxiety Clinic and have helped everyone from fortune 500 company CEO's overcome their pitching anxiety to boardroom anxiety. I also consult for London's Leading Hypnotherapy Practice City Hypnosis and worked extensively in the areas of anxiety and work stress. You may also see my work in "Your Elmbridge" Magazine of which i feature regularly and have been feautured on USA Radio shows as well. In short I enjoy connecting with anxious people and showing them that with a little self-belief and the right techniques you too can be anxiety free. I myself suffered dehabilitating anxiety in my younger years so know full well about what it feels like and the daily grind of living with a little understood condition. I'm very approachable so don't hestitate to send me a message and get in touch. You can learn more about me at and also Facebook "The Anxiety Expert" Thank you Shaan

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  • Comment Link Susan smith Monday, 14 January 2013 21:47 posted by Susan smith

    That's some good advise, I would love to be able to give it a go, but my condition actually won't let me relax and control my breathing, I've tried hypnosis, but didn't work, because of the same reason. Also tried acupunture, same result.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!