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In this category are all the diary's of the different users of the site.

There are times when I feel like Facebook and Twitter are my lifesavers. Sometimes they are the only way I can keep in contact with friends and therefore hold onto relationships I fight so hard to form in the first place. But then there are times when those sites do me more harm than good. Logging on to see what parties people are going to, watching people's friend count climb, and seeing people engage in conversations... I can't help but compare their lives with my own, and the fact that I find such simple social feats difficult. A text for example. A phone call. A night out? Out of the question. I have not been diagnosed with social anxiety, but I feel like I probably should have done. I'm in a Catch-22. If I fail to feed my addiction to social networks I miss out on so much valuable socialising I fail to get anywhere else. But in doing that, I run the risk of making myself feel terrible when I see what other people get up to. Why can…
ive decided to write this in here after hearing the song take me or leave me, i think it about time i admitted to my self everything and this is a much safer way than writing in a diary or something that someone that may be judgemental of me read it so it here goes....... Hi my names Rochelle prefered to be called Shell still living with my parents ive suffered with depression for the past 8 and half years its been up and down and a very long road and still alot further to go yet, people can look at me and think there is nothing wrong as i try not to let on with what i suffer apart from my closest friends not even my family know the true extend. Since i was 13 i have been the victim of rape, sexual abuse for 1 and half years, an abortion which i regret but how thinks turned out i dont regret my litlle girl would of had no quaility of life and she would deserve so much better…
i can never understand everything in my head i cant figure out one bit of it, its like i have all emotions, sitiuations, things that want happen or has happen going around in my head n really gets my down. Its like my mind is on overdrice and will not shut off and it normal effects me when i on my own when i have that chance to think. how can i make sense of it all? Wish there was a magic wand that you can wave and it will make everything else all right.
Today I didn't do very much. didn't feel like doing anything today. Spent most of the day in bed. I was feeling down about a situation with a family member, who was very rude to me. I sent an email to her yesterday, as I have my late grandmother's house (I signed the tenancy agreement). I asked politely if she could take her belongings that are there. Then she replies in such a rude manner, saying horrible things to me etc. I was mad, angry and very tearful. I have calmed down now. Luckily I got support from my boyfriend, and his mother too. I don't want to see this person anymore, as I feel like hitting them. Not a wise thing to do. It has put a bit of a distance between us, as I don not want her in my life.
"You know it too, you can't run from your shame! You're not getting any younger, Time is passing by, but you waited awake" -"Feeling Sorry" -Paramore
well even tho i had so many wonderful people around me so as the countdown start for 12 i started to cry, ive never understood why i start crying at midnight every year its the same thing wish i knew the reason why and that i could do something about it. i did get cheered up tho my best friend turned around and said youve made it thro another year. i think ive been thro so much and one thing that happen stopped over the xmas, new years holiday when was at school but surely that a good moment so why cry i just hate new years.=[ annoying frusrated dont want new years to be like that every year.
why is it that i see something you post on facebook i not only feel hurt n upset but i get anxious n my chest pains return =/ why are you the only person that can do that to me and have so much control over me. Why are you the one person that sets my anxiety of and the rest is an object or my fears.
all can say is AAArrrrrrggggggggg.......................
Many view the need to resort to medication, as a serious implication in any illness other than simple fevers, coughs and colds. They hope that in letting nature take its course, they can return to good health with adequate rest and proper nourishment. In instances of extreme nervousness and anxiety, they do not actually understand the complexity of their medical condition and view the use of medication to function normally, as an indicator that they are somewhat out of control. When prescribed anxiety medications, they face a dilemma - on the one hand, the medication can help them, but on the other, they know it can cause them unpleasant side effects. Most people prefer to avoid medications as far as possible, only resorting to their use if their medical condition leaves them no other choice. Taken under the strict supervision of a medical practitioner, medications can control the symptoms of anxiety. However, while they do bring relief to sufferers, they do not bring about a cure. The individuals must participate in other forms of cognitive behavioral therapy, to learn how…

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!