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Saturday, 08 October 2016 14:38

3 Ways To Overcome Panic Attacks Today

Before we get going any further let’s look at what the definition is of a panic attack:


A quick type in Google and we can find the following definition “A sudden overwhelming feeling of acute and disabling anxiety” (Google Search, 2016)


For many of you, that suffer from panic attacks I’m sure you can relate to the above definition. I know the above definition was true for me many years ago when I seemed to suffer from constant panic attacks. Panic attacks make you feel exhausted, tired, Apathetic in nature and one almost feels like surrendering to the inevitable daily trudge off the day. We surrender our control to the world and let the world do what it wants with us. We feel abandoned by society because society doesn’t understand our issue and in many cases can’t help us with our issues. Sadly you can waste thousands on so-called alternative treatments and read hundreds of books without seeming to make any noticeable movement forward.


I know this because this is how my own journey started. I grew ever frustrated by the lack of knowledge and results from so-called CBT, Counselling, Psychotherapy and trying this technique and that technique. However, I’m determined that no one else should have to go through the same experience and feel like they’re stuck in a thick sticky quagmire. Today I’d like to share with you 3 ways in which you can make a start in tackling your own panic attacks and gradually regain control of your life.


Before I launch into the 3 tips I want to cover some old ground to set the foundation right for you. The first thing we must understand is who exactly these feelings on panic belong to. So ask yourself now “Who do these feelings of panic belong to?” Do you see that these feelings of panic belong to you? It’s your panic and your feelings. Recognising this represents a big first step in overcoming the anxiety. You see if you don’t know these feelings of panic belong to you, then you’ll always blame external events for you having panic. You’ll look everywhere bar yourself. 


So now step 1 is in place knowing who these feelings belong to we then need to delve deeper and look at what essentially panic is. Now panic as far as you and I are concerned is simply noise, it’s mind noise. That’s it. So now we know the panic belongs to us and it is just our mind making noise. We might not like it or agree with it but already we can see a little clearer. So now we’re ready for the 3 tips.


1)Daily Intention: Having a daily intention of what you are going to do during the day seems almost irrelevant. How does this help with my panic?? Well by having a clear idea as to what you are going to do during the day your mind is going to focus on that very thing. That’s important as we all know our minds love to wonder and play all those Hollywood blockbuster movies of destruction and chaos. A focused mind becomes clearer and more tamed. A mind left to wonder leads to complete anarchy and you and I both know all about that don’t we? So what do you want to do today? You can mope around and blame the world for how bad you feel and drive everyone mad or you can take control and live your life to the full. What would you like to do? Great so can you think of just 3 things you’d like to do today. Make them positive, exciting, uplifting. You might decide to go for a relaxing walk on the beach, read an engaging book, spend 20 minutes focusing on your goal and imagine achieving it. So what is it for you?


2)The Secret Of Mind Quiet: How would you like to save yourself thousands and let me show you the fastest way to getting free from panic, achieve greater well-being, get your goals and much more? Sound a plan… Well, what I’m about to share is something I only recently discovered and since then it has found it’s way into every session I conduct. Why? Because it works real quick. You see what they don’t tell you in the secret and in that plethora of self-help books is what the mind is and what quiet is. Now you are very familiar with your mind because you hang out with it every second of the day. However even amongst all the chaos in your life right now there have been fleeting glimpses of your true state, your natural state. It might surprise you to know that anxiety and the emotional state is un-natural. We weren’t born with emotions instead in our early formative years we made connections based upon certain emotional experiences. For example, we might start off with hating the sound of a bus air breaks because it scares us or makes us jump. Over time this ‘scared’ feeling get’s stronger as we begin to make deeper stronger connections with the bus and airbrakes. Then we take it further and paint every ‘loud’ noise with the same emotion and before you know it you have created a phobia response or severe fear. 


So what is our natural state? Well, that state is quietness of mind. It’s best described as the state where everything just works out fine. Our mind is quiet, we accept ourselves 100% and things just effortlessly work out for us. In a world of panic attacks, we may only achieve this state for very brief periods during the day. So the next question I get asked is: “What, you mean to tell me your big idea is to get a quiet mind and I’m never going to get a panic attack, anxiety or experience any negative emotion?” And my answer “ Yes, so long as you STAY in quiet you’ll never have any issue” 


Your mind might be kicking in now and thinking “There’s got to be more to it. I’ve got to figure this out. He doesn’t get my panic attacks. You can’t just get quiet and be free of it. It can’t be right…” Well, there’s a reason why I run London’s Leading Anxiety Clinic and that’s precisely because I know exactly what I’m talking about. I invite you as part of your daily morning routine to try out this little routine:


Step 1: As you wake up in the morning just sit up in your bed with eyes closed. Just focus on taking a deep relaxing breath in through your nose and out either through your nose or mouth, whichever is more comfortable for you.


Step 2: Think about achieving your goal. Focus on what you want and not the picture you don’t want. How does it feel to have it? Just notice all the sensations of having it.


Step 3: Now think about those positive beliefs you have now you have it. E.g. “I feel so relaxed and peaceful now” “I feel surrounded by the feeling of safety and security” “I am safe now” “I love myself now” You get the idea. These affirmations are another new thing I’ve discovered that work really well used in the right way.


Step 4: Begin to surrender all those feelings now to quiet and just go back to focus on your breathing. As soon as you feel centred and your head feels relaxed your good for the day. Every time you feel overwhelmed during the day just think back to the positive goal and you’ll lift yourself up. The more you stay positive the more your life will change for the better.


3) Momentum: The Key To Success


Momentum sounds like something associated with a boulder charging down a mountain and gaining ever increasing strength and power. In short, this analogy is perfect for why momentum is so important. Like a boulder charging down a mountain, it takes a bit of time for the boulder to reach its full speed and power. Like the boulder the more we practice and develop healthy habits of success the more power and strength we accumulate and the better and more abundant our lives are. In the beginning stages, it takes effort and a real push to get the boulder of success to topple on down the hill but once we achieve this we can ease off the pressure and just continue to repeat what worked for us the day before and in so doing grow and achieve ever greater levels of potential. So think about what action you can take today to take a step closer to achieving your goal. Is it sending an email  or a proposal off because you fear failure and rejection? Do something or forever be trapped within the paralysis of nothing. No action=No Results. Action=Feedback=Results. 



I hope these few tips have helped you and do please share this article and comment below. If you feel you'd like further support from me then why not get your free 30 minutes "Prove It Works: Get Anxiety Free" Session where I'll give you a taste of the magical state of quiet. I only have 3 spaces a week so get in touch with me now if you want in. I have successfully worked with people all over the world including the USA as we use zoom, a great way to chat using your computers video.


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Monday, 13 October 2014 17:53


Hi everyone.  I am new to this site but I am really struggling so I thought I'd reach out.

I have been a generalized anxiety suffere for almost 10 years now and I've been off and on meds throughout that time.  I remember my life before meds and I was functional (maybe not super happy all the time, but functional).  My anxiety increased in my 20s and I decided to go on meds.


So recently I've been on 10mg of Prozac for about 3 years now and I'm thinking of having a kid so I decided to go off of the drugs.  About two months later I stood up from dinner and got really lightheaded.  My brain felt like it was being squeezed and my vision went all melty blurry.  I fell down and launched into what I guess was a full blown anxiety attack.  I've never had one before and it was obviously really scary.  It lasted almost 10 hours and I eventually went to the ER.

That was two months ago.  Ever since then it's like the anxiety beast is out of it's cage.  I feel lightheaded all the time (almost a dizzy feeling but with no vertigo).  My heart races for no reason, and I feel anxious a lot  without warning.  I am super scared of having another panic attack but most of all I just don't feel like myself.  This is interfering with every aspect of my life and I feel like no fun at all.  I am afraid to exercise or dance or do anything that might push my body to some unknown limit.  I get terrible headaches and generally just feel really weird.  If I drink a beer I feel even weirder. WTF is going on with me?

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to these symptoms?  I saw a GP and she suggested that I should go back on meds.  I am really hesitant to do that for a few reasons:

1.  I am afraid the meds have made my anxiety worse, to the point where I can't deal with it without taking them

2.  I want to have a kid at some point soon and I'd rather not be on meds

I really keep thinking that this will get better.  I have tried acupuncture, yoga, and herbal calmers but nothing really has solved the problem to any noticeable degree.  If anyone has any insight into this I would greatly appreciate it!  I just want my old life back.  I know I used to be able to not be on medication and function.  I feel like my brain is broken.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 20:55

60 days without a panic attack

So Its been 61 days without having any kind of Panic or Anxiety Attack for me. (I know this because I made a post back than here, and it says 61 days ago ^^)
Because this is a huge achivement for me (before that time, there wasn`t a single week without at least some small anxiety attacks) I decided to write down my thoughts on what made my symptoms dissapear.


Basically what happend was that I got pretty sick exactly that day I got this last and also worst panic attack. (I cant say if it was a coincidence or not) After one week of sickness I was hospitalized because I pretty much couldn`t feel my body chest downwards anymore. After some really rough days, things finally became better again, and day after day I got my feelings and strength back until I was pretty much recovered after an month after the outbreak.


The main thing i figured out that is different now, to the time I had attacks, is that I dont wanna change myself anymore. I always wanted to change my personality, wanted to be more outgoing, more extroverted and especially not anxious, and it just didnt work out. This created a huge pressure, I always tried harder and harder. Tried to prove myself to me and others, which possibly created my attacks in the end.

Now I have simply accepted the way I am and that there is no need to feel bad for beeing like I am, even though my personality is somewhat different from the mass. This acceptence of myself defenitly has been created during the really bad days in the beginning of my disease. 

With that pressure gone or at least decreased to a minimum, life feels a lot easier now. I find it a lot more easy to do exactly the things I like, and not feeling bad or ashamed about it, nor beeing affected by the opinion of others. Also I dont feel bad about beeing myself anymore, therfore I dont feel the need anymore to impress others. 

With all these factors gone, or at least decreased my panic and anxiety attacks also dissapeared.

This is at least how I think about it. Dont get me wrong I still wanna grow in terms of personality and so, but the approach is very different.

Back than I was unhappy with myself and simply tried to be somebody I am not. i put on a mask to hide my real self if you will.

Now I am happy with the way things are even if they are not perfect, and am trying to grow from this point. Slowly but consistently, like a tree building a solid trunk :)



At this point i wanna thank you all guys for your the help you gave me and will give me, you really are an awesome community. I also have to thank my therapist, who helped me tremendously in my Anxiety process, and of course my family. :)



I still have a long path before me, but now i feel good about it and now that I am on the right path.


Accepting myself and my personality and not wanting to change anymore and beeing somebody different made my anxiety and panic attacks dissapear. 

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Thursday, 02 January 2014 10:51

First day back...

So proper day back at work after Christmas and I feel awful.

Dizzy, tired, panicking and worst of all I cannot control the feeling that I am losing my mind.

It is the feeling of losing control that is so scary.  I try to convince myself that it is just deprealization/depersonalization but then I doubt myself and it starts all over again. 

Really difficult today.....just want to drive home and sleep until this feeling goes.

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Wednesday, 07 August 2013 23:57

Panic Attack 8/7/13

I'm currently fighting my way though a panic attack. I took one of my mood stabilizing pills about a half hour ago, and I'm still waiting for it to fully take effect. I'm trying to think of what is making me anxious, and then analyzing why it's making me feel this way. I figured writing it all down may help.


I think about a friend I had, who was flirting with me a while back. I told him to stop because I have a boyfriend and I was no longer comfortable about it. I felt bad for hurting his feelings, but he understood and is now giving me some space. When I am not in a panic attack, I can think about this and not worry. My pulse does not rise, and I don't feel anxious. When I'm in my panic attack, I feel like I'm going to vomit and cry. I feel like an awful person, though I have no reason to feel that way. I have forgiven myself when I am in a normal state of mind, and it is hard to maintain that when I am in a panicked state, like now.


I think about my boyfriend. I think about how he deserves better than me, because I will sometimes think about breaking up with him during my panic attacks. In my normal state of mind, everything is going great with us, and we're planning on moving in together hopefully by the end of this year. I love him, and he is an amazing person. When I'm in panic mode, I get sick to my stomach thinking about moving in with him, or just spending the rest of my life with ANYONE in general. I feel like a terrible person for thinking that I should break up with him, because I know, even in my panicked state, I don't ACTUALLY want to break up with him, and that it's the anxiety taking over my emotions and playing off my fears, no matter how little they are. When I talk to my boyfriend, it takes all of 30 seconds for the anxiety and uncertainty to go away, and I feel reassured that this is how things are supposed to be with him, even though my hands are still shaking and my heart is racing. These thoughts are still unsettling though, and it takes a great effort for me to not focus on the moment where I thought my only option was to end one of the best things in my life.


I'm very lucky, I suppose, to have an analytical mind. It helps me not act upon my feelings during a panic attack, and it helps me stay grounded throughout the day. It helps me sort through my tangled thoughts and come to the core reason for my anxiety and panic: nothing. I have nothing to feel anxious about. My relationship is great. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, but it's something that I definitely don't want to end.


It also has a downside. I'm so used to having control over my emotions and knowing the cause of it, that when there is no emotional cause that I can control, I become terrified. These panic attacks I'm experiencing are completely chemical and have no emotional cause, and this is very hard for me to come to terms with. I WANT to pin it on something that I have control over so I can make the anxiety stop, so I try pinning it on things like my relationship, but in doing that I am lying to myself and causing myself more anxiety. Again, when I get down to the core of it, there is nothing there. I have a fantastic life, and I have no reason to feel the anxiety that I do. That thought makes me both happy and depressed: happy because I have no reason to feel this way, but depressed because, despite my life, I DO feel this way.


Ultimately, this ends on a positive note. I am able to sleep without any trouble, and the majority of the day, I am happy. I try to maintain a positive attitude and focus on happy things, but because of the nature of my panic attacks, there is no predicting them. Hopefully by writing down my thoughts, it will make it easier for me to work through them, even if I can't control them completely. I'm not always hopeful during my panic attacks, but at this moment I do feel like I can overcome this. I do not know if it is because of the medicine or the writing, but either way, this is a good feeling to have.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013 19:27

Beating Health Anxiety The Easy Way

Health anxiety is one of those issues that can really affect how we operate and feel during the day. Anxiety can sometimes feel that you are trapped in a world where you try to escape your anxiety on one hand and yet feel overwhelmed by the anxiety on the other. With  so much conflicting emotion running through us, it can be difficult to know how best to tackle all these thoughts and beliefs.

I can remember when I had social anxiety, it felt like it was this suffocating feeling mixed with thoughts and beliefs that just wouldn’t shift. It took many years and much hard work on my end to make any headway, and even then I didn’t really know what I was doing. It can almost seem like you are the only one who understands what you are going through, and other people just don’t seem to get what is happening to you.

One thing I learnt was that other people have little time for those that moan and complain the whole time, and far less time for those of us who have issues that most people don’t understand like anxiety. However fortunately I did find a way to get over my anxiety, and become the master of my emotions. The truth is you and I both have the ability to be the master of our emotions. Ironically, we decide how we feel. We decide whether to let that person cause us anxiety or not. How do I know this... Well answer this question: ‘Who does this anxiety belong to?’ ‘Who decides to keep this anxiety or let it go?’

As you can see you decide to keep thr anxiety and the anxiety belongs to you. When I first learnt this, it was as if a lightbulb went off. I finally understood at a vague level that this anxiety belonged to me. I had always up to that point assumed that it was caused by other people, that somehow other people caused my anxiety. Do you see the subtle difference here?

One way you can let go of your anxiety is realising that the anxiety belongs to you. For the rest of the week when you get anxiety, or feel anxious ask yourself ‘Who does this anxiety belong to?’ ‘Who decides to keep this anxiety or let it go?’ When you go through this then make that decision to let your anxiety go. In next weeks post, I’ll look at this further and show you how I tackle those out of control beliefs. Have a perfect week and I’ll catch you next week.


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Siblings & Fires 

As a child life was not easy in my eyes. from the day i can remember i was the favourite out of 4 siblings. One older brother (now nearly 18) , One younger sister (nearly 16) , and One older Half-sister (25). 

They hated me. 

They bullied me, tormented me. Since i was a child. It happens all the time. I'm now a month away from turning 17 and it still happens. My brother suffers from ADHD and can be abusive when angry. He has shoved me once for having his shoe. He still torments me when he can. Just little digs but they hurt. My little sister was not as bad but she would just follow the others. Now days we dearly speak. She is under social workers due to many reasons and is bearly getting GCSEs (UK grades). The worse out them all is my oldest sister. She has always hated me. I was nothing to her but a waste of space. No matter what i do. just a few weeks ago she attacked me. In my room dragging me by the hair and punching and slapping me. All over hair products. She was forced to give me a apology by my mum & dad. However, I know she don't mean it. 

We all live with my parents. Its a daily thing. 

A few years ago there was a fire. My dad nearly died. I was 10 at the time. It was about 6/7am. was about to wake up for school when the fire started, flammable liquids started the fire. Our living room and kitchen was distoryed and everywhere was smoke damage. After the fire i was in shock. Didn't talk for days. It took two months for everything to recover. physically. I hated fire since. At age of 14 another fire. In the garden. It was 4am, i wake up to a bright light from the window, and i just saw flames. A uncle who hated us set fire to the shed. Everything burnt up. Including our poor rabbit. 


I hated school. I was a target for bullies. SInce primary they picked on me and shoved me. I struggled with words. I was a slow learner due to being half deaf. I cried myself to sleep and i felt alone. As secondary school started i though it would be a new start. Make friends, and start something. I was so wrong..... It just got worse. I was beaten many times and then one day a girl set my hair on fire with a busten burner. I had very long hair so thankfully i was not hurt. My mum took me out of school and was home schooled till i was 12. I started a new school. Nothing really changed much. Just 2weeks into a girl punched me in the face because i looked at her weirdly. A few months later i had enough. A girl was tormenting me in the locker room and i just snapped. I don't remember a lot but she was not expecting it since she got a broken nose. Life, got a little better after that. made friends and i started being a little happy, the bullying never stopped but it didn't bother me no more. 

My Mum & Dad 

I loved my mum and dad. But there not perfect. My mum was abusive to my dad. meanly and physically. Was not the best way to grow up. Night after night it just seemed to got worse as i got older. I get hunted by memories of them. My mum suffers from depression and a lot of other things that i don't know much of. But she has huge anger problems. And refuses help. My dad is a gambler. he is addicted but, i'm the only person that knows. everyday he is on the gambling websites. When no one is around. I stopped him loads of times. However, i never confuted him. I'm just a silly teenager to him. He also has heart problems, and diabetes and a lot of other stuff. So i leave it.

Right now events 

Both of my nans died of cancer (One is 2011, Other just few weeks ago) . We are planning the funeral that is on the 18 of June. My dad is waiting for heart surgery and my brother and younger sister is failing education. My older sister still lives with us and has no plans to leave for a few more years.

Help Me 


Since i can remember i had always had a little bit of anxiety because of all of this. However, i got sick in December. Its got a lot worse. I went to a doctor but due to ill health they where more worried about that. Once i was better (February) it got to a point where i could not continue education and my social life vanished. It could be something small to trigger. Memories, Small pains, arguments, or nothing at all! It just seems its only getting worse. I'm starting to give up and thinking this is going to be my life. My boyfriend of nearly 2years is feeling the stress and i'm worried about the future. I just don't know what to so no more. This has made my year (and life) hell. I'm lucky to sleep at 5am let alone at all. Also to add i live in London. So medical stuff here is limited due to the NHS. Please if anyone has any advise contact me!


I Don't Know What To Do No More.

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Sunday, 09 June 2013 22:21

Panic Attack

Just had another panic attack, I have stopped taking the amitiptyline I was prescribed because I don't think that it agrees with me. Hopefully going to the gym will make me feel better about myself.

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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 09:02

Adventures With Ativan

Today I got out quite a bit. It was nice when I had company.

Someone I knew from high school, Dante, messaged me on facebook. We got to talking a bit and he offered to give me help on driving lessons. Which was uber nice of him so I gladly accepted.
When we got up to his house there were 3 cops parked right outside. It was like they were waiting for him or something because as soon as he got out one of them pulled up close behind his truck and told him his windows were illegally tinted. He let Dante go, at least. Sheesh that was weird.

Dante let me drive his van, but I guess it was running low on steering fluid or something because it was incredibly difficult to turn. I got high anxiety about reversing/backing out of places, but I managed to do alright. He said I did a good job, at least. After a while the van over heated so that was the end of the lesson. We drove back to his place, got in his truck, picked up his son from pre-school, then he took me home. We saw cop after cop on the way there. Apparently earlier today around the area some guy was pointing a gun at passing cars. Yilkes!

After I got home, I decided to head to the mall early to wait for my friend Chanel and give her her belated birthday gift (a "time turner" necklace from Harry Potter. Very beautifully made.) My grandpa had only just begun his nightly drinking so he was able to give me a lift. For a while at the mall, I was okay. I went to my favorite make-up place and spent more money than I probably should have. Than I browsed around a bit. After a while I headed to the food court and got a taro smoothie while I waited for Chanel. That's when it happened.

For some reason my mind jumped to the fact that I'm still jobless and even though I've enjoyed all my past jobs, I still haven't done what I'd *REALLY* like to do in life. Something I'm passionate about. Then I started thinking about my kids and how they'd view me with my job and I thought about how much I miss them and really just want them back into my life. I just started feeling like everything was collapsing. No one was around to talk to and I started panicking. Tears were running down my face as I tried to hide wiping them off my cheeks, because I was scared of a stranger coming up to me and me just bawling and letting it all out on a stranger.

So, I reached into my pocket and took out my Ativan. I've been avoiding these pills for so long. I mean, I got them almost 3 months ago and it's still on the same script. I really didn't want to take one and feel the zombie-like effects, but I also didn't want anyone to see me have a panic attack and think I was crazy. I slipped it under my tongue (the fastest working method according to an old psychiatrist of mine.) It didn't do anything. I thought "what the hell, am I immune?" I thought about taking another, but I was scared of just continuously taking them and overdosing. At that moment, I was lucky enough that Chanel texted me and told me she was there. I felt so relieved.

She loved her necklace. We spent some time talking. She got some frozen yogurt, then she got a manicure while I got a pedicure. It was soooo nice. I haven't gotten a pedicure in such a long time. It was definitely relaxing and now my feet feel great, lol.

After that, we went and grabbed some pizza and headed to the bus station. She was nice enough to take the same bus as me so I wouldn't be alone. I thought that was very thoughtful of her to be so sensitive to my anxiety. She really is a great friend. I'm glad I went out and saw her. :)

This Ativan is kicking my butt, now. I feel like a zombie. This sort of high is not something I particularly enjoy, but at least there's no anxious feelings.

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Friday, 01 March 2013 20:52

Panic Attack

I recorded myself having a panic attack just so I could talk and distract my mind. Sorry if this brings you down, I understand if you don't want to watch it. Also the audio is waaay low (I was also talking soft.) So you may have to turn it up if you want to hear...

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!