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Thursday, 11 October 2012 18:45

Smashing Through The Anxiety Wall


Learn how to overcome your beliefs and thoughts using nlp

Hey everybody. Hope you are all well. It's coming close to winter here in the UK and it's getting colder and colder. How I wish I lived in a hot country lol. This post is inspired by a client session I did this week. This person suffers from de-personalisation disorder, and we have been trying different approaches to tackle not only that but depression and anxiety as well. Sometimes as a Hypnotherapist I come across things that challenge me, and I love a challenge. I had been trying to think of how we could have a breakthrough in these sessions, how could I best help my client. After trying different techniques and thinking of different things to do, I have to admit I was beginning to doubt my own abilities.


Then, the strangest thing happened. I was doing a hypnosis session, and from nowhere I just threw in this concept, which i'm going to teach and share with you today, and the results of this, were really exciting, and my client noticed a difference, which was so rewarding.


Maybe your similar, your beliefs about your condition wear you down, your depression tires you out leaving you feeling exhausted and frustrated with youself. There are times I guess when you feel like life is one big spiral, and nothing you seem to do changes how you feel. It's the same feeling as being trapped, trapped with no way out, stuck within this thought process. Anxiety can often feel like that at times, with the constant daily turmoil you go through and those around you not necessarily understanding what you are going through, it can be difficult to even think in a positive frame of mind. The thing is, how does being trapped within these thoughts and feelings help you? Does it feel good going through what your going through? I'm sure the answers are going to be that these thoughts, and feelings you have about depression and anxiety don't help you and it doesn't feel good at all.  So if it doesn't feel good and it doesn't help us, how did we end up with this out of control anxiety and depression, and all these unhelpful thoughts. These thoughts of anxiety may have come from an event, or have stemmed from some sought of childhood event, or just could be from years or being put down. The truth is we don't need to concern ourself with the story as to how we got it, what we really want to do is get over it, breakthrough it.


Is this possible to do??


Well that really depends on you. You see to get over anxiety and particularly depression requires a tremendous amount of focus and strength to breakthrough it. It's all to easy to slip back into the spiral and go deeper and deeper down into those negative beliefs, after all it's what we know and feel safe with. However there is a part of us that desperately wants to move forwards, and be free from this depression and anxiety. There's a part of us that just has had enough playing this game, and wants to smash through this barrier or wall that is trapping us. So get ready, hold on tight, because we are about to literally smash these beliefs out the park once and for all, woohoo. Do I have a hell yeah!! I can't hear you...


Step 1: So I want you to think of your depression, anxiety or whatever is bothering you the most and see this as a wall. Really imagine this wall being strong and imposing, see how strong it looks, see what colours it has, and notice how oppressive it feels. Notice how you feel trapped with no way out. It is important to really surrender to those feelings and really feel that oppressive experience as much as is safe for you to do so. Now we are not dwelling here and wanting to know how we got xyz, and why we have xyz, we simply are just allowing the feelings  to come up naturally without stressing ourselves.


Step 2: Now I want you to imagine that you have a really heavy object something like a heavy rock, and you can imagine having a series of rocks in catupults ready to hit this wall. You might like to imagine a massive heavy crane with a huge concrete ball getting ready to smash this wall down. The thing is there have been times in your life when you have come across big insurmountable walls, and at the time you thought it was impossible to get through or even find a way out; But you know what they say, every wall has it's weakness.


Step 3: Now before we unleash our chosen weapons of destruction, we need to get some energy and momentum going here. I want you to imagine a time when you felt really pumped up, maybe it was before a race, maybe it was before a meeting. Just imagine as if you had loads of energy going through your body. Some people I know imagine plugging themselves into an imaginary socket and charging themselves up. They imagine that electricity is giving them the energy they need. If you can't think of something then what if you had this energy. Just imagine it:)


Step 4: This is my favourite bit of the process. I want you with your new found energy to smash this wall down, and as you see your object hit the wall see it beginning to break and fracture. See that wall that represents all those feelings beginning to break. See that wall beginning to crumble and tumble down. Hear the sounds of the wall breaking, see the objects smashing into the wall over and over again. Feel that energy inside of you, giving you the power to continue, giving you the power to finally smash through those old unhelpful beliefs and thoughts. Feel the difference, notice how you think, notice the anticipation of what could be, and how your life could be better than before. Take the time you need to really enjoy this process, and feel the difference.


Step 5: Now that the wall is completely destroyed, I want you to spend just 5 minutes thinking about how your new life feels. How does it feel to feel energised? How does it feel to feel alert during the day, instead of tired and lethargic? What new thoughts do you think about your life? And on a scale of 1-10, 10 feeling the most good and 1 feeling the least good where abouts are you. Measure yourself, and just welcome up any beliefs, they are not good, they are not bad, it's just thoughts passing through. That's it, just let it all go. Let those old thoughts just leave. Really imagine it and feel it as if your new life was real now, where would you go right now? So now what I want you to do is do one small action towards getting your goal. It could be doing some research on getting your goal, it could be as small as just spending everyday for 5 mintes imagining having your goal, just do one small thing.


Well done everyone, I think we have all had a really smashing time today, lol. I know, it's the best joke I could think off, hehe!! Do this process and PM me and let us know how things go. Remember we can smash this anxiety and depression once and for all with determined effort, and regular practice.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!