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Sunday, 06 March 2022 20:50

How to write a statistical analysis essay

How to write a statistical analysis essay

When you are assigned a statistical analysis essay, it is important to understand the basics of how to write an essay. This includes understanding the structure of an essay, understanding how to develop a thesis statement, and understanding how to use evidence to support your argument.

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The structure of an essay

An essay has three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction should introduce your topic and provide context for your readers. The body should present your argument and evidence in a clear and concise way. The conclusion should summarize your argument and leave your readers with a final thought.

Developing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a sentence or two that states your argumentative position on a topic. It should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. In a statistical analysis essay, your thesis statement should state the purpose of your analysis and how you plan to go about doing it.

Using evidence to support your argument

In order to support your argument, you need to use evidence from reliable sources. This evidence can come in the form of data, graphs, charts, quotes from experts, or any other relevant information. When using evidence, make sure to cite your sources properly so that your readers can verify its accuracy.

By following these tips, you can write a strong and effective statistical analysis essay. Remember to stay focused on your topic and argument, and use evidence to support your position.

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Good luck!

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Thursday, 20 January 2022 15:42

How to Develop an Effective Topic for Your Essay

How to Develop an Effective Topic for Your Essay

If you think that only some people are capable of conjuring wonderful, unique essay topics, you are wrong. Anybody can prepare interesting topics with some practice and effort, especially you! There is no need to pull out your hair if you can’t seem to think of a good topic; all you have to do is maintain a clear mind and follow hw help online tips below, and you will find that thinking of an effective topic has been easy all along.

Be straight: Who would want to read an awfully long essay that rambles on and on, only to show that all the author’s points could have been contained in only a few paragraphs? Avoid writing such essays—be clear and concise as much as possible. According to homework help answers experts there is no need for unnecessary repetition and verbose sentences; these will only turn your readers away instead of keeping them interested. Organize your thoughts and keep your essay crisp and neat.

Try to write around the central theme: Essays must always have a central theme. What would be the point of writing it if it didn’t have one? It is helpful to come up with a general idea first, and then to think of possible subtopics to that idea. For instance, if you want to talk about global warming, you may want to focus on the effect of industries to the depletion of the ozone layer, which will serve as your central theme. You can then develop your essay around this point and let the essay flow around it.

Cite your sources: When you use quotes, data, or certain parts of a literary work in your essay, cite your sources appropriately. You wouldn’t want to be accused of plagiarizing, would you? Also make sure that you use the proper citation style that the essay requires. Doing so will also help your essay look more organized and presentable.

Impress! This is the main answer for all questions like “What can be made to reach something?”. It takes a lot of time to measure all the possible topic variants or ideas and make a right choice. But this is what makes the first impression – how laconic you are at making a topic and how mature or relevant the topic is. Choose studydaddy professional writers to help you with this challenge.

More resources:

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Is using our help of writing service constituted as cheating?

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Thursday, 26 August 2021 10:09

5 tools to develop Virtual Learning Objects

Virtual Learning Objects (OVA) are digital tools used in virtual education. Within their methodology, they use ICT to complement the teaching processes in learning environments mediated by these technologies.

These objects are presented in various educational resources such as videos, audio, animations, interactive documents, mind maps, image collections, or any other element that presents content through which knowledge is transmitted and learning achieved.

OVAs in virtual education

The general structure of OVAs contains an objective, content, learning activity, and an evaluation mechanism. This didactic resource is independent; it is created to be reusable in various educational contexts and on different devices.

OVAs can be developed in various formats such as HTML, XML, JPEG, PDF, Flash, GIF, etc., which are compatible with different programs. It is recommended that it be structured under a standardization package, such as SCORM.

This will enhance the reuse of objects. The main objective of OVAs is that they can be distributed in different learning environments and used by everyone.

The OVAs are:

- Reusable: from an existing OVA, a new one can be modified or created, improving its content or used in other contexts.

- Compatible: its compatibility with other standards without technical inconveniences when using them.

- Structured: with an interface that is easy to use and explore by the user, with an attractive design.

- Effective: they help to buy cheap essays online uk.

The reliability of the content they present is important, which must be timely according to the subject of study. In addition, it must be approached with a pedagogy that responds to the needs of the users.

Tools to develop an OVA

By developing and using an OVA, students can learn at their own pace and independently. Similarly, tutors must know how to use these resources effectively, for which they must consider the pedagogy, content, technological support, and the objective of their creation.

The OVA does not contain the content of a unit of study. Rather, it is flexible and interactive content adapted to different teaching programs, incorporating cross-platforms and different levels of instruction. Some tools to develop an OVA are:

Animatron: is an online tool with which you can create HTML5 animations that work on different browsers and devices. It allows you to design interactive content such as videos and GIFs and share it. You can even invite other people to collaborate on a project.

There is a free version, and although it offers many resources, its use is limited. However, there is a monthly or annual subscription. With this tool, you can create complete videos with narration and music.

Slide Share: with this tool, you can create digital presentations on a wide variety of content. For some years now, he has been a part of LinkedIn.

It is one of the most used resources to share content since you can upload PowerPoint slides, PDF, Word documents, and some audio and video formats. To have access, a user must be created.

Piktochart: the facility of this tool is to present summarized content through infographics. In this way, the platform where it is presented will be made more dynamic.

In addition, it allows you to create posters, presentations, or reports that are easy to share. There is a free version in which it offers a certain amount of templates. However, a paid version can be purchased for 1 year or 5 years.

Vyond: is a tool for creating animated videos. Inside its library, it contains many pre-animated assets (characters, templates, accessories, etc.) that can be controlled through a simple interface.

The user can upload their own resources, such as audio, image, or video. The download can be done in MP4, GIF, or video presentations or upload to YouTube. There is a free version of 14 days and an annual subscription for a license or up to a maximum of 5.

Fotojet: is an application with which you can edit images or photos, design graphics, make a collage or montage of photos to be shared. Provides the user with a wide variety of technical tools. It is an online tool.

It offers a free version with many basic tools at your disposal, and there is the Premium version, where you have more resources to create new designs. Fotojet is powerful and easy to use.

An important reminder is to include an evaluation method,  promoting self-evaluation or co-evaluation. They can be activities where the student shares, promotes, discusses, and analyzes the content studied. OVAs help interactively facilitate these new learnings.

A crucial step is to test the new object with users to correct any errors or bugs. This way, you can verify the content before publishing the final version.

Do you know any other tool to develop an OVA?

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Importance of a Well Written Resume
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8 characteristics of a motivated student

Encouraging students' desire to succeed and edit my essay is a challenge for teachers and parents today and forever. A motivated child is one who raises his hand to participate in class, is interested in subjects, and likes to face the challenges they pose. 

Motivation is a crucial part of the learning process, but ensuring that students are encouraged is not easy. Technology has caused even the most attentive students to be distracted by their cell phones, making the challenge even greater today. 

Too often many teachers believe that if students answer their questions, they are listening, but it doesn't have to be. What then defines a motivated student? According to experts, these are the 8 characteristics of a happy student in class: 

1. Participation: The first thing that defines an attentive student is that he loves to participate in class, either to answer a question or to ask questions. If he asks without cutting himself, you will know that he is comfortable with you and the environment of the class. Becoming an advisor, a tutor of the students is essential so that they feel motivated and learn more. 

In addition, when they are comfortable, children are more friendly and sociable, so that the class will be more united. 

2. Autonomy: When a student feels motivated they will work more independently with synthesis essay topics. There will be no rules and penalties for those who do not participate: they will do it because they like it. 

3. Self-confidence: A motivated student feels more powerful, in the most positive sense of the word. In other words, you will feel more responsible for your jobs, more self-confident, and more influential. This is an important part of adolescent development. 

4. Curiosity: Children and adolescents motivated by a subject show more curiosity. So if they keep asking for extra details about the lesson, you are on the right track. 

5. Competitiveness: When we want to achieve the best results we are more competitive. You will also see this in your students. You will see that they compete to be the first to respond, to achieve the best grades, and to be heard. But beware, don't let excessive competition discourage other students. If you see that a student finds it more difficult to keep up with the class, focus on him, know his difficulties and help him advance. 

6. Recognition: Students will seek recognition for their accomplishments and successes because they want to be the best. This is synonymous with motivation.

 7. Affiliation: A happy student will brag about their projects and jobs and, in the best of cases, their teacher. If you feel proud, you feel somehow connected to what you do in class. You're doing it right.

 8. Reputation: Motivation not only has an effect on students, you will also notice it. You will feel that they respect you more at the same time that you are closer to them.


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An observation essay is a very common essay written by many students as part of their project/ assignment work. In this type of an essay, the student needs to write something after the student has observed something; it could be anything, a debate, or an experiment. It may get a bit difficult for some students to write an observation essay, for the simple fact that they do not know how to place their observations in the form of an essay but the "engineering homework" company can help. Writing an essay is not like writing anything and everything that you observe. Especially for an observation essay, you have to write the essence of the observation done by the student.


Like for instance, when a student is writing an observation essay, he would first choose a topic, do the needed observation and based on that the student would start working on the essay. The information gained from the observation should be well structured. To make the essay writing a hassle free job, it is always better to format it first, i.e. with a good introduction, body and conclusion and only then go about putting it in a fair version.


When you placing the information in the fair version, first start off with a title. It so happens that after writing the observation essay, if any random title is place which does not match with the content, then the students grades might go down and the essays would be criticised a lot for such a blunder.


In the introduction, mention the topic you have chosen for the observation essay, go about explaining few details about it. However, the explicit explanation comes only in the body where the details are explained. Be very clear in your explanation, use basic language, and do not go in for something that is beyond the average level of comprehension. Also, when you are mentioning details, the reader should get an idea of your perception about the topic and how has the observation helped you or what impact has it on you.


You need not have a 3 paragraph essay; you can go in for 5 paragraph observation essay. All you need to do is break the paragraphs well and make sure the continuity exists. Also, the conclusion should be very much to the point; it cannot be too detailed, as it is just a way to sum up the above mentioned points.


It does get tricky sometimes to go about writing an observation essay. Certainly if this is bothering you, you don't have to break your head with it. We have a company that comprises of expert writers. They are well versed with all types of essays. Therefore, you can rely on us and we will give you a perfect essay that is absolutely based on what you wanted from it. Our services are very much affordable, come at a cost effective, student friendly prices.


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Thursday, 18 March 2021 20:59

The writting process

Whether you realize it or not, there is a very clear writing process that many writers naturally follow. If you are a writer just beginning your career or are still trying to write an essay, short story, or blog, knowing a few basic things about the writing process can certainly help you.


Here I'll explain what each step of the writing process involves, as well as a few tips for each step, just in case you get stuck somewhere in transferring your imagination to paper, which means life!

1. before writing

Have you ever looked in vain at the awful whiteness of a blank sheet of paper or a shiny blank document on a computer screen? That's because you missed a vital step in the writing process: prescribing. And that means everything you need to do before you start writing or drawing. At a minimum, and first and foremost, prescribing is about the idea!

Idea and inspiration

Ideas are all around you. If you want to write but no ideas come to mind, try the following:

Use ready-made writing ideas.

Write about some incidents from your daily life or childhood

Make an idea notebook - a notebook in which you write down all the ideas that come into your head every day.

Think up and create some unusual character, a character you will write about

Tip from <a href="">best essay writing services</a> : as soon as you have a good idea, you should fold it, expand it, grind it up like a piece of gold.  Don't make mistakes and start writing right away-you'll get very poorly structured writing!

Creating an Idea

There are some good ways to add "meat" to your idea:

Associate writing - open a new document or start a new page and write down whatever comes to mind. Don't edit or proofread anything, even if you make grammatical errors. Just write down your thoughts as they come to you.

Brainstorm - Write an idea or topic in the middle of a blank sheet of paper and then let a few ideas connect and coalesce around the main idea - subheadings, chapters, spreads, turns, and endings... It works great!

For details and help, you can always attend one of the associative writing workshops for writers. You can never have too much experience!

Once this step is complete, you can begin creating your first draft.

Plan i struktura

Some types of writing require more planning than others. For example, longer manuscripts and scholarly articles require more attention at this stage.

First, decide what ideas you will use. During associative writing and brainstorming, you will come up with many interesting ideas and thoughts. Some you will use and some you will not.

Then decide how you will arrange the ideas. Try to make logical progress. Sometimes it will be easy for you: in this text, for example, it makes sense to arrange the writing steps in a logical order. Similarly, in the short story, the classic narrative structure is identical to the novel, short story, and other stories you write in prose.

2. writing

Sit down in front of your writing device with a plan next to you and begin <a href=" ">writting</a> in first person. At this point, don't think about word count, grammar, spelling, etc. D. Don't worry if you deviate from the topic or if some parts don't fit into the plan. Just keep writing!

If you are a beginning writer, always keep in mind that professional writers go through several drafts and drafts of manuscripts until they are satisfied with the result. This is an inherent part of the writing process-no one, or rarely anyone, does the right thing the first time.

Here are some of the things you may find helpful when writing firsthand:

Sit down for at least half an hour before you start writing: it's hard to concentrate every hour between the market, the TV, your cell phone and the refrigerator.

Settle somewhere where no one will interrupt you: a library or coffee shop might be a good place if you can't already write at home.

If you're writing on a computer, turn off any programs that might distract you. Turning off the Internet can be a wonderfully helpful step. A good writing program: I use iA Writer, which has very handy writing capabilities.

You can write multiple versions of a manuscript, especially if you're writing long forms (novel, journalism...). These versions will probably include previous drafts with the editorial part of the manuscript work.

Tip: Writing requires concentration and energy. If you're a beginning writer, you're better off not trying to write for hours and hours without a break. instead, set yourself a time limit (like half an hour) to really concentrate - and don't check email and Facebook every hour!

Editing text

Read more about essay preparation in:

<a href="">free assignment writer</a>

<a href="/"> Writers and Ideas</a>

<a href=" ">What is an essay?</a>

<a href=" ">Choice of thesis and arguments</a>


<a href=" ">ESSAY ABOUT SUMMER</a>

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The writting process


Здесь я объясню, что включает в себя каждый этап процесса написания, а также несколько советов для каждого шага, на тот случай, если вы где-то застрянете в переносе своего воображения на бумагу, что означает жизнь!

1. перед записью

Вы когда-нибудь напрасно смотрели на ужасную белизну чистого листа бумаги или блестящего блестящего листа?анк документ на акэкран компьютера? Это потому, что вы пропустили важный шаг в процессе написания: прописывание. А это означает все, что вам нужно сделать, прежде чем вы начнете писать или рисовать. Как минимум, и прежде всего,prescribing is about the idea!

Идея и вдохновение

Идеи вокруг тебя. Если вы хотите написать, но никакие идеи не приходят в голову, попробуйте следующее:

Используйте готовые письменные идеи.

Напишите о некоторых случаях из вашей повседневной жизни или детства

Сделайте блокнот для идей - блокнот, в который вы записываете все идеи, которые приходят вам в голову каждый день.

Придумайте и создайте необычного персонажа, персонажа, о котором вы напишете

Совет от <a href="">best essay writing services</a>: как только у вас появится хорошая идея, вы должны сложить ее, развернуть, измельчить, как кусок золота. Не делайте ошибок и сразу начинайте писать - вы получите очень плохо структурированный текст!

Создание идеи

Есть несколько хороших способов добавить «мяса» к своей идее:

Совместное письмо - откройте новый документ или начните новую страницу и запишите все, что придет в голову. Не редактируйте и не корректируйте ничего, даже если вы допустили грамматические ошибки. Просто запишите свои мысли, когда они приходят к вам.

Мозговой штурм - напишите идею или тему посреди чистого листа бумаги, а затем позвольте нескольким идеям соединиться и объединиться вокруг основной идеи - подзаголовков, глав, разворотов, поворотов и концовок ... Это отлично работает!

За подробностями и помощью вы всегда можете посетить один из семинаров по ассоциативному письму для писателей. У вас никогда не может быть слишком много опыта!

По завершении этого шага вы можете приступить к созданию своего первого черновика.

План и структура

Некоторые типы письма требуют большего планирования, чем другие. Например, на этом этапе более пристального внимания требуют более длинные рукописи и научные статьи.

Во-первых, решите, какие идеи вы будете использовать. Во время ассоциативного письма и мозгового штурма у вас возникнет много интересных идей и мыслей. Некоторые вы будете использовать, а некоторые нет.

Затем решите, как вы расположите идеи. Постарайтесь добиться логического прогресса. Иногда вам будет легко: например, в этом тексте есть смысл расположить шаги написания в логическом порядке. Точно так же в рассказе классическая структура повествования идентична роману, рассказу и другим рассказам, которые вы пишете в прозе.

2. письмо

Сядьте перед своим пишущим устройством, положите план рядом с собой и начните <a href = " / "> писать </a> от первого лица. На этом этапе не думайте о подсчете слов, грамматике, правописании и т. Д. D. Не беспокойтесь, если вы отклонитесь от темы или если некоторые части не вписываются в план. Просто продолжай писать!

Если вы начинающий писатель, всегда имейте в виду, что профессиональные писатели просматривают несколько черновиков рукописей, пока не останутся довольны результатом. Это неотъемлемая часть процесса написания: никто или редко кто-то делает правильные вещи с первого раза.

Вот некоторые из вещей, которые могут вам пригодиться при написании из первых рук:

Сядьте хотя бы на полчаса, прежде чем начать писать: сложно каждый час концентрироваться между рынком, телевизором, мобильным телефоном и холодильником.

Поселитесь там, где вас никто не будет отвлекать: библиотека или кафе могут быть хорошим местом, если вы уже не умеете писать дома.

Если вы пишете на компьютере, выключите все программы, которые могут вас отвлекать. Отключение Интернета может быть очень полезным шагом. Хорошая программа для письма: я использую iA Writer, у которого очень удобные возможности для письма.

Вы можете написать несколько версий рукописи, особенно если вы пишете длинные формы (роман, журналистика ...). Эти версии, вероятно, будут включать предыдущие черновики с редакционной частью рукописи.

Совет: письмо требует концентрации и энергии. Если вы начинающий писатель, вам лучше не пытаться писать часами без перерыва. вместо этого установите себе ограничение по времени (например, полчаса), чтобы по-настоящему сконцентрироваться - и не проверяйте электронную почту и Facebook каждый час!

Редактирование текста

Подробнее о подготовке эссе читайте в:

<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href=""> </a>

<a href=""> бесплатный автор заданий </a>

<a href="/ "> Авторы и идеи </a>

<a href=" "> Что такое эссе? </a>

<a href=" "> Выбор тезиса и аргументов </a>


<a href=" "> ЭССЕ О ЛЕТОМ </a>



·         [Url = https: //] [/ url]

[url = ""] google [/ url]

[url: google | https: //]

[ссылка: https: // | Google]

[ссылка: https: // google]

[link url = https: //] google [/ link]

[ google]

[] (

[[ google]]

[URL = ""] google [/ URL]

[L = https: //] google [/ L]

<a href=""> google </a>

"google": https: //

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Persuasive Essay



It is obvious that the main point of writing a persuasive essay is to persuade your reader to understand and accept the point of view you are trying to explain in your paper. The reality is that it will definitely take a lot of time and energy. For this reason, you should at least be familiar with all those requirements which you are expected to meet in your paper. Moreover, you should also figure out how you are going to convey your point of view in a clear and understandable way. All in all, there is a lot of work to be done, which is why the most reasonable thing to do is to start working long before the deadline. However, no one usually does that as there is simply no time. The number of tasks the average student is supposed to accomplish is huge. That is why it is not surprising that a student usually has insufficient time to deal with all of them. Fortunately, a perfect solution is right at your disposal - write my essay service.


Paper Writing Help

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Write My Assignment

Studying in college isn’t easy. Students have millions of problems, including professors asking to write my assignment. For some time I was able to write my assignment without anyone giving me help to write my assignment.


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I simple needed a writer, who could write an assignment for m, so I asked a writer to write my college assignment. Support staff from told me they had 450 qualified writers, all ready to write my assignment for me.


I trusted "how to write a reflection paper" service and I never would regret about that, as they really helped me out in the way, I doubt anyone could.


The process of writing my assignment was very clear and simple. They received all instructions from on how to write my assignment, received my payment, which by the way was very shockingly cheap, and started working on my assignment.


Writemypaperbro also provided me a place where I can communicate with the writer, and ask questions and even ask for help, in providing outlines for my assignment and everything else.


My custom assignment turned out to be fabulous. I couldn’t write my assignment better myself. After making some minor changes, such as writing in my name, I was ready to turn in my assignment.


My professor was also pleased with the way I write my assignment, and stood me up in front of the whole class to praise me for the way I write my assignment. That was a happy day, thanks to this custom assignment writing service.

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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


Support us By Shoping at Amazon


We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!