Does Eliquis Cause Depression or Anxiety ?

Eliquis and Depression/Anxiety: An Overview

Eliquis is a medical drug prescribed to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots for people diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, this condition makes the heart beat irregularly. It works by inhibiting the clotting of the blood and, therefore, minimizing the risk of clot formation in the bloodstream. Moreover, Eliquis is also known to reduce the likelihood of blood clots forming after hip or knee replacement surgeries. Apixaban is a prescription-based drug and should not be taken without proper guidance from an MD.

Some patients may experience anxiety when taking Eliquis, though there is no scientific certainty at the moment that there is a correlation between the medication and mental health disturbances. Always speak to your doctor before changing or stopping your prescribed treatment plan, this will ensure you are aware of any potential risks associated with pausing the treatment.

Is there a link between Eliquis and depression/anxiety?

The connection between Eliquis and depression or anxiety remains unclear. Although some individuals might experience mental health problems while using Eliquis, it is difficult to establish whether the medication itself is the cause or if the depression and anxiety are related to the stress of hospitalization and having a life-threatening illness. In fact, this study showed that participants taking Eliquis had better mental health outcomes than those taking warfarin (an older generation of anticoagulant).

Although the exact reason for this correlation is unknown, some researchers postulate that Eliquis may affect the body’s ability to absorb certain vital vitamins necessary for optimal brain function and emotional wellness. More precisely, higher doses of the drug may impede the absorption of vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential for mental health and preventing conditions such as depression or anxiety. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before taking Eliquis and to maintain proper vitamin intake.

Additionally, as a type of anticoagulant, Eliquis can also suppress clotting factors which help protect against stroke and other cardiovascular problems; however, this could also increase inflammation levels throughout the body, another contributing factor to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

The potential link between Eliquis and depression or anxiety is not well understood. While some people may experience mental health issues while taking Eliquis, it is hard to determine if the medication itself is the cause or if the depression and anxiety are connected to the trauma of hospitalization and having a life-threatening condition.

Eliquis and anxiety

What to do if you experience depression/anxiety while taking Eliquis

If you are taking Eliquis and find that you are experiencing any kind of unexpected symptoms, it is important to consult your doctor or a mental health professional. Your doctor can help you assess the situation and determine whether Eliquis is the cause of your symptoms. They may also be able to advise on ways to minimize any potential risks associated with Eliquis.

While there is evidence linking Eliquis and depression/anxiety, not all people who take the drug will necessarily experience these effects; however, if you do, It may be beneficial to supplement with Vitamin B12; for many individuals, this has been found to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Additionally, your doctor may provide other supplementation options or recommend lifestyle changes such as exercise and stress reduction techniques which can help improve overall mental health.

It’s also important to consider any other underlying issues which may be exacerbating or causing your symptoms of depression/anxiety. These could include physical health problems such as chronic illnesses or nutritional deficiencies, certain medications (for example, some blood pressure medications have been linked to increased risk of depressive disorders), family history of mental illness, poor sleep quality, unresolved trauma or stressful events in life—all of these can play a role in mental health. If any of these factors apply to you, then they should be addressed separately from any potential effects related to Eliquis use.

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